My Process

I approach each project with enthusiasm. I have a “get to work, roll up my sleeves and get it done” attitude. I ask a lot of questions and use forward thinking to view the full picture of a project. I utilize UX (User Experience) design process discovery, research, user-flow, wireframes, sketches and mockups as a road map for success. I feel that the planning is the most important aspect for making a project successful.

I believe that user testing is an essential process to complete before the deployment of a web, or mobile project. I utilize low-fidelity paper sketched prototypes to high-fidelity live code and/or clickable prototypes.

During my development of live prototypes, I write proficient validated cross-browser semantic HTML/CSS code that can successfully integrate with JavaScript and other client/server-side programming on desktop and mobile environments.

My Story

I started my web career way back in the days when my Mom got her first computer from her father, my granddad and Santa Claus. It was the ’90s when I went to work on educating Mom on basic computer and internet skills (LOL).

I later, at a local college, took courses in Computer 101 and Photography. I fell in love with the computer and photography, but wanted to merge the two, so I earned a degree in Graphic Design at Austin Peay State University. This is were I found my creative and techie side. I love the way you could put an image on the computer and manipulate it. I had a strong interest in web development but was fearful to learn.

That fear grew my courage when I landed a summer job as a graphic design teacher at ACE Computer Camp Kids of 7-16 year olds teaching Photoshop and other graphic software. But, as the web teacher was leaving, I was asked to teach the HTML and programming class. It was either that or return home with no money for summer break. So I took a deep breath and a deep dive into learning web and basic programming at night and teaching during the day.

Since then I have combine UX to developed mobile and other web related projects. These experiences shaped my path to becoming the successful and passionate Designer that I am today.