Lisa Shea Smith / UI Front End Engineer

What I’m Good At...

  • “Writing clean UI code from deployment to production.”

  • “CSS graphics that are pixel prefect and equal to design composition.”

  • “Helping with UI layouts by using custom design, Bootstrap and other UI frameworks.”

  • “Gettin’ fancy with some JavaScript and jQuery for intelligent interactions.”

  • “TEST, TEST, TEST! I know that my code WORKS! I tested it.”

  • “Problem solving; I turn a lot of stones!”

I am a UI Front End Engineer, who’s an LA Marathon finisher and I play a mean rhythm guitar. I can bring your user interface to life by writing effective, validated cross-browser semantic code and by building apps that are responsive to desktop and mobile environments.

I bridge the gap between creative and development, so you will want me in the planning meetings to aide in selecting the right technology for each job. My background is in design and I’m razor sharp at making UI match with creative direction. I live in the View of the MVC and I know where to put my code. I have a house at the intersection of Liberal Arts and Technology. This makes me an artsy geek.

I’ve been called a “Unicorn,” by team members, because I’m technical and creative. I’ve also been called “The Machine” for my rapid coding and attention to detail. I’m always learning and I love what I do.

Your vision… my skills, lets bring it into fruition!


  • BWiTLA
  • Code District
  • LA Westside Ruby & Rails Study Group
  • LA Front-End Devs
  • SoCal ReactJS
  • SoCal AngularJS
  • Client Side JS Programming Group