Lisa Smith

My process is simple. I keep it “simple”. My goal is to make sure it works before adding the bells and whistles. I explore the data and build upon the wheel, not reinvent it. I ask humans a lot of questions. I’m empathetic. I kill assumptions. I produce well planned solutions; with user insight, that may come from, the right or left side of the brain.

I explore-it, post-it, sketch-it, test-it and iterate-it.

Every experience can be better!


Lisa Smith, is originally from Memphis, recently moved back to Nashville from Los Angeles. While living there, she completed the Los Angeles Marathon twice by running 26 miles. She also plays a mean rhythm guitar.

Her love for the arts was inspired by her father, Nelson Smith who is a skillful multi-discipline artist. As a child she often enjoyed watching him paint and create his sculptures. 

Lisa fell in love with computers and photography and quickly realized that she wanted to merge the two. She attended a local college, where she took a Computer and Photography course. She later, earned a degree in Graphic Design from Austin Peay State University. Where she found her creative and techie side and loved the way she was able to use the computer to manipulate images. 

Lisa has been in the tech industry, since the “center tag”. She has worked in various industries from Legendary Entertainment, creators of the Dark Knight franchise, to med-large tech agencies like SapientRazorfish, one of the world leaders in ad and tech communications.

Human-centered design has always been a major part of her professional success. 

In her family she was always called upon to solve problems.

“Hey, find me a paint brush I can use for pointillism?”

“Find the sewing needle, I lost in the shag carpet?”

“Hey, can you find a way to download these pics from my phone, the screen has gone black?”

She has remain, through it all, a user-centered guru, who loves music and always growing through learning and challenging herself.



Parents with lack of support, needed a way to support their family. A safe place to find suitable ride-sharing candidates.

Use date research and competitive analysis to better understand ride-sharing. Collected user insight during interview session with parents. Build prototype to conducted usability testing to gain user insight.

Create a social app where members are apart of the educational community, where the parents felt secure in choosing the right fit for ride-sharing.
ROLE: Research | User Flow | Wireframe | Prototype | User Testing

NashViva by Code For Nashville

Code For Nashville created a project called NashViva which uses data from the Data Nashville Gov site, in the hopes of assisting people moving to Nashville in selecting a the right neighborhood to live in.
ROLE: Research | Data Visualization

Christopher Styles Barber Spa

Mr. Styles needed a professional looking web presence that fit the up scale atmosphere of his shop.

Viewed interior visual design elements of the shop. Collected user insight during interview session with clients. Use data research and competitive analysis to fine tune the experience. 

A web experience that focused around the classic upscale theme of the barber spa.
ROLE: Research | Wireframe | Prototype | Visual Design

Rhythm And The Method

RatM wanted a website to compete with other modern style rock bands.

Attended one of their shows and instantly recognize RatM professionalism and precise instrumentation-ship. They had a  meaningful connection with the crowd. Their stage presents was energetic. Used data research conducted by talking to the individual band members, interviewing fans and creating a competitive analysis. Produced wireframes, sketches and UI design.

A experience that showcases their infectious stage presence.
ROLE: Research | Wireframe | Prototype | Visual Design

Legendary Entertainment

Legendary needed a web presence, that show all their movie properties and fit the emotional balance and passion movie content.

Interviewed shareholders to understand the requirements. Wrote a detail proposal which included data research, technology process, and project scope. Annotated wireframes, functional analysis and design mockups where also included. 

Emotional visual experience that showcase the full movie properties of a motion picture block buster company.
ROLE: Wireframe | Visual Design | Functionality Analysis

Dr. Bailey

Dr. Bailey needed a web solution that, fit the needs of business but broke out of the mold of conservative.

Focused on the relatable relationship she had with the clinical process of treating clients at more intimate level. Use data research and competitive analysis. Produced wireframes, sketches and UI design.

A professional non-conventional experience.
ROLE: Wireframe | Prototype | Visual Design
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What I’m Good At:
• Big picture thinking.
• User insight and data research.
• Empathy.
• Ask a lot of questions.
• Assumptions killer.

Latitude 36 at State of Tennessee - User Experience (contract) - August 2017 - Present 
Oversee the user experience across all web and app platforms. Use the UX process to conduct data research and use user insight to better the experience.

LisaSheaDesign - User Experience - October 2014 - Present
Keeping my UX design skills up-to-date with relevant projects. Produce prototypes and create digital deliverables using current usability methodologies includes user research, personas, interviewing and competitor analysis.

SapientRazorfish - UI Front End Developer / Presentation Layer Engineer - May 2014 - Sept. 2016 
Rapid prototype development using Webflow for user testing and UI development for Honda Automobiles redesign website. Design ideas were delivered through wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Adhered to current user experience design standards through research, collaboration and implementation.

RPA Advertising - UI Front End Developer (6 month contract) - April 2014 - October 2014 
Teamed up with Creative Director to create an interactive bike scheduling web app called “Give Back Bike”. Collaborated with UX to apply new design requirements into effective and engaging solution. Produced prototypes for the Honda Summer Clearance 2014.

SurfMyAds Inc. - UI Front End Developer - May 2013 - April 2014
UI development of interactive, responsive cross-browser code for various data-driven websites, that seamlessly integrated into asap.NET in a team environment.

Actv8 Inc. - Interactive Front End Developer - April 2012 - March 2013
UI development for interactive quiz mobile apps, that seamlessly integrated via PhoneGap in Eclipse, xCode for Android and IOS devices in a team environment.

Legendary Entertainment (Legendary Pictures) - Web Designer - Sept. 2009 - June 2011
Produced an initial design concept for a website redesign, created design proposal, annotated wireframes (Illustrator), and mockups (photoshop). Project Managed the development of the prototype and CMS/back-end functionality analysis. Created web banners and graphics for the mobile game “Ninja Assassin”.

mobileStorm - Web Designer/Webmaster - Nov. 2007 - June 2009
Demonstrated expert skills as a web designer and developer for landing pages for various clients. 

General Assembly (GA) - (UX) User Experience Design Circuit Certificate 2017
O'Reilly School of Technology - JavaScript Programming Certificate 2015
UCLA Extension - Web Design 2011
Austin Peay State University - BFA - Graphic Design

• NUX - Nashville UX
• Code for Nashville
• (EC) Nashville Entrepreneur Center
• Code District - LA Base